How To Use Bulk Url Opener

Often we need some small tools to do the simple but repetitive task for us.

Opening multiple URLs one by one is very time consuming and repetitv work,

if you do SEO or digital marketing work then often you have to open more than one URL one by one to check and optimize content. Also to to check competitors website for insights, affiliate portals, social media tracking websites.

If you have to do this manually and one by one it will take your precious time

What if tell you can do this all with just one copy paste of URL

Before we dive in how to use bulk url opener let's first understand what is bulk url opener first.

What is Bulk Url Opener?

Often times you have bunch of URLs that you want to open instantly and opening one by one is definitely slow and tiring process.

This is where you can use Online URL Opener which take all of your URLs and open at once for you and you can browse each one and do the necessary tasks.

Quick point to note is if you open way too many like 100s of URL at once it can cause your browser to hang for a moment or depending on your system.

This tools will make sure your system resources are not eaten up by opeing all links at once, you can add time delay between all link opening.

How to Use Bulk URL Opener

  • Just Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) all links in the open bulk url page and click open
  • You can set the time delay betwen open URLs so your browser doesn't hangs
  • You can also set if want to open URLs in new Tab or Window
  • Also you set to open all URLs one by in same tab or Window after a certain time delay like 30 sec, so you will have new URLs open in sab tab one by one after 30 sec, So your browser won't fill up with lots of tabs.

Is your Browser supported?

Yes Each and every browser supported.

You can use bulk url opener in chrome, firefox, edge, opera or any other browser you run,

You can use it in your mobile browser also.

You don't need to install any extension to chrome or addon to firefox in your browser to use bulk url opener. It just works in webpage.

Features of Bulk URL Opener

  • Open links in new Tab or new Window.
  • Open links with time delay, time delay is set in Mili seconds.
  • Each links can be opened in unique window or tab or same window or tab one by one.
  • You can save your frequently opened URLs in lists in your browser so you don't have to copy paste them again and again.
  • Also You can paste links with or without https:// or http:// bulk URL openr will handle it automatically
  • Even bulk url opener is capable of extracting links from pasted text so its not neccsory to paste each url in new line and remove unneccsory text. You can just paste the dump of URLs too will extract all URLs from the text. (Just keep in mind it only extracts URL not IP or server address)

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