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Another URL Opener? Noooo,

Most of the URL Opener were getting the job done but we thought why not make it even more Cool with more features. So we did exactly that.


What is URL Opener?

Often times you have bunch of URLs that you want to open instantly and opening one by one is definitely slow and tiring process.

This is where you can use Online URL Opener which take all of your URLs and open at once for you and you can browse each one and do the necessary tasks.

Quick point to note is if you open way too many like 100s of URL at once it can cause your browser to hang for a moment or depending on your system.

How to Use Bulk URL Opener

What You Want to Open?

Paste all of your URLs in the Box above.

Keep each URL in new line


Choose The Right Settings

Default Delay for opening URL is 700ms delay. Set it to Fast if You have less URLs.

Enter the time in Milliseconds.

Choose the opening options you want.


Final Step

Click Open and Done.

All URLs were not open?

Check at the top you might need to allow opening popup once and you're all set.


Remember Us

Don't Forget to Bookmark the page so you comeback later easily.

Press CTRL + D on Windows or Command + D on Mac.

What's More

Cool Features of URL Opener

So What are the extra features

Time Delay

Having the option to set the frequency of opening the URL is great when you have tons of URL or you want to view the website for just few seconds and move to another.

Open In New Tab

Normal Feature?

With this tool you can control if each URL should open new tab (default) or just open one new tab and keep opening the next URL in the same tab with the time delay your set.

More Control!

Open In New Window

You can open the each URL in separate new Window or Just one new window and further URLs on that same window.

Save Your URL List

You can save multiple URLs list locally into your browser without any signup or login required.

If you open some group of URLs frequently then it's time saver.

Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about bulk URL opener and what can do for you.

What browsers are supported?URL Opener works with any browser that supports JavaScript. This includes the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Midori.
What about my privacy of what I enter?Nothing you enter ever leaves your browser. Everything is stored locally in your browser.
No Signup/Login Required.
I have a feature request?That's good to hear. Just mail us or ping at social media handles.
All URLs are not opening?When you first click open after entering the URLs you will see a blocked symbol at the right corner of address bar just allow it once and you're set to open as many URLs as you want.
How many sites I can enter at once?As much you want! Just keep the time delay under control so your system doesn't freezes if you open 100 URLs at once.
How can I communicate with you?Contact us at: or Say over Social Media Links

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